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Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the show hours?
Friday: 3:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Sunday: 10:00 a.m. - Show closes immediately after the awards presentation, which begins at 3:00 p.m..

What hotels are nearby?
The two official host hotels are the Double Tree and Embassy Suites. Discounted rates are available for show exhibitors.

Where is the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center located?
The Donald E. Stephens Convention Center is located at 5555 N. River Road, Des Plaines, IL 60018. 
Click here for driving directions and more information.

Where do I park my trailer?
Your trailer can be parked in the marshaling yard. Upon registering you will receive a move-in packet that will have more specific trailer parking information. If you are local, we strongly suggest taking your trailer home.

Are trailers allowed on the show floor during set-up?
Yes, with limited time to unload your vehicle and display and as long as adequate show floor space is available.

What does it cost to park in the parking garage?
The parking garage fee is $13.00 per day. Weekend parking passes are available at the show check-in desk Wednesday and Thursday during show move-in. Weekend parking passes are $41.00.

Can I come to the show on move-in days?
Only exhibitors and those with move-in passes are allowed in the show during set-up days.

How many people can I bring to help on move-in day?
Each exhibitor receives four move-in passes. Additional move-in passes will be available at the show move-in desk.

How much gas can my show vehicle have in its tank?
Your show vehicle can have no more than one quarter tank of fuel.

What are the display sizes?
Display sizes are 10' x 20' or 20' x 20'. CycleRama display size is 10' x 10'.

What are stanchions?
Stanchions are post-like barriers separating your car from the aisle.

Do I need stanchions for my display?
Yes, stanchions are required. You can make your own or they can be rented.

Can I rent stanchions at the show? If so, do I have to reserve them in advance?
Yes, stanchions are available at the show. They must be reserved in advance.  
Contact RES Decorating at 847-696-2208 to reserve stanchions.

Do I need a display sign?
No. Display signs are encouraged but not required.

Do I need carpeting or other flooring for my display?
Carpeting or other other display flooring is not required. Show building management requires the use of a drip pan (such as a cookie sheet) or anything that will stop oil from staining the floor. Note that display awards require full floor covering in your display.

Can I have lights and/or other electrical equipment in my display?
Yes, but an electrical hook-up fee will be required. Contact RES Decorating at 847-696-2208 for more information.

Can I sit in my display?
ISCA rules prohibit lounging in display areas.

Can I play music in my display?
The show building management prohibits the playing of music in individual displays.

Am I allowed to bring either soft drinks or alcoholic beverages to the show?
Show building concessions do not allow outside beverages of any kind inside the building.

Can I choose where my display area will be on the show floor?
Your display location will be selected by the show committee prior to the show move-in.

How do I register for a club display?
If you plan to show as a club, contact the event committee office at 708-361-2665.

When are awards presented?
Awards are presented Sunday at 3:00 pm. Start time is subject to change.

How early can I get into the show on show days?
Show exhibitors can enter the show one hour before show opening each day. You must enter through the exhibitor entrance.

How many show passes will I get as an exhibitor?
Each exhibitor receives two show passes.

Can exhibitors buy additional show passes?
Additional one-day passes are available to exhibitors at the check-in desk on Wednesday, Thursday and until noon on Friday. Cost is $15.00 each. Weekend passes are no longer available for purchase.

Can I send in my application via e-mail?
Applications may not be sent in via e-mail.  Applications are available online but they must be printed and mailed to the event committee office.

Can I pay the show application fee with a credit card or debit card?
Application fees can be paid only by cashier's check, personal check, money order or cash.

What is a VIP invitation?
VIP exhibitors are by invitation only. These invitations are given by the World Of Wheels advisory board members at car shows and events throughout the year.

How do I get a VIP invitation?
VIP exhibitors are by invitation only and can not be requested.

Do VIP applicants pay to enter the show?
$50.00 entry fee is for ISCA membership only. The Chicago World Of Wheels is an ISCA sanctioned event and as such any exhibitor must pay the required entry fee.

How do I know what class my car will be in?
Your car will be assigned to a class by an ISCA official during move-in.

Will I be able to get a copy of my judging form?
Yes, only after the Sunday awards presentation. Judging forms will be available at the judging office. They will not be available after move-out has concluded.

When will my car be judged?
Your car may be judged at any time before, during and after regular show hours.

Should I leave my car uncovered at night for judging?
Yes. Vehicles will only be judged as displayed. Judges will not touch vehicles. See the ISCA rule book for further details.

Is my car eligible for special awards such as Top Twenty, Select Six and the Legend Cup?
Refer to the Awards Page for Top Twenty, Select Six and Legend Cup criteria.